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So it’s farewell

So I’m ending posting to this blog.

I’ve decided to move onto a new role in a new institution, and so my involvement with this project comes to an end.

And it’s a good time to leave the project. The sites are built, the technology is in, and new the exciting phase of learners using these spaces can start.

Me? I’m off to deal more in educational technology, in a learning and teaching centre. My stay in IT for the last couple of years has been fun, and eye opening, but daddy’s coming home. Look out baby.

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One down and one nearly finished

18 months ago, I started working on a spaces project. The Learning Spaces of the Future is an attempt to work with academics and teachers, architects and facilities to create learning spaces that promote a range of learning approaches and pedagogies, in environments which are technology rich, but are creative and foster creativity.

And we are nearly there. The builders leave are now finishing up and leaving. They started building work in October, and are ready to sign off. At the end of the week the AV integrators come on in for a couple of weeks and then the space is ready to go. 

We have been brave with aspects of the space. Using Ideapaint on all areas of the walls, and the whole of the floor. Something, that I think hasn’t been done in Australia, was something that facilities and the builders weren’t quite sure about, but it has worked. The paint looks great on the floor. The zoning of the space in large areas and smaller ‘pods’, creates an area that can be used in multiple ways by multiple disciplines. The use of comfortable bright bean bags, and chairs that get away from being institutional add colour and vibrancy. The use of lighting shows off the space, even the retractable lighting in the space gives texture and interest to the space. 

We wanted it to be like Alice in Wonderland, and I think we’ve got it. The AV next - which includes TelePresence in three locations, LED lighting that can give any colour, HD projection in six sites, digital signage, and a multimedia experience gets install in the next two weeks. In the meantime enjoy the pics, I’ll be posting shortly.